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Practice Management

Our Practice Management content consists of up-to-date information that provides dentists with the latest legal, financial, business, and dental technology news.

5 Things Every Dentist Should Do BEFORE Renewing an Office Lease

 Jeremy Behar, President and CEO of Cirrus Consulting Group, is our guest blogger today at Sidekick Magazine. Smart dental office lease negotiations require long-term strategic planning, and a proactive approach. Like a poker player who analyzes their hand and anticipates the dealer’s cards, dentists who prepare for lease renewals and begin negotiations ahead of time […]

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The Most Important 5 Minutes of a Dentist’s Day

Dr. Ross Kerr, chair of the organizing committee for the Global Oral Cancer Forum, is our guest blogger today at Sidekick Magazine. Cancer is possibly the world’s least favorite word. No doctor wants to have to say it. No patient is ready to hear it. But turning a blind eye (or ear) doesn’t save lives. […]

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Should Dental Practices Attempt to Protect Patient Data on Their Own?

Statistics show the highest number of data breaches occur in the health care industry; clearly information security cannot be a do-it-yourself job. By partnering with security experts who keep abreast of the constantly evolving methods used by identity thieves, you can protect your practice from physical and online theft of personal health information (PHI).

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Steps to Selling a Dental Practice

What are your plans for the future when it comes to your dental practice? If you eventually plan to sell or take on a partner, there is a methodical process that requires attention to legal and financial matters. Learn the steps involved and the professionals you should recruit to guide you through this important decision.

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Making the Leap to Multiple Practices

Controlling all aspects of patient care while realizing economies of scale across several locations are powerful advantages to becoming a small group practice owner. To ensure success and downplay risk, learn the four key steps you should take to ensure the business is poised for growth and profitability.

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13 Steps to a Healthier Work Environment

Cathy Jameson, PhD, is our guest blogger today at Sidekick Magazine. Most dental professionals work 40 hours per week—some more, some less. But, even if you are seeing patients 34-36 hours per week, when you add in administrative, travel, and continuing education time, it is not reasonable to consider the average 40 hour work week […]

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2 Ways to Increase PPO Revenue

PPO Management Process Whether you are a start-up practice, single dentist practice, or part of a large dental corporation, your PPO insurance contracts impact your ability to generate revenue. Being in-network with PPO insurance means you agreed to discount your established office fees when you provide covered services to PPO insured patients. The discounted rates […]

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How to Respond to “Does my Insurance Cover this?”

Dental insurance should not dictate the treatment provided. It’s easy to say, but often difficult to live by when patients’ top concern is out of pocket expense. Here are three things you can do to move patients past the insurance obstacle. 1. Manage patient expectations Patients often do not understand that dental insurance, unlike more […]

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