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Does your dental practice offer an in-house discount plan?

Posted On: Friday, August 1st 2014 by

Fact: 50% of adults do not have dental insurance, and yet, they still need high quality dental care.

Another fact: Approximately 11 PPO plans are sold for each indemnity (fee-for-service) plan sold.

This puts both patients and dental practices in need for cost-effective dental services. One solution worth exploring is in-house discount plans.

Joining a PPO network can actually cause a dental practice to lose money due to large overhead and contractual write-offs. Dental practices that find themselves in this scenario should consider reaching out to the relatively untapped uninsured market by helping them manage their dental costs with an in-house discount or membership plan.

In-house discount plans come with a long list of advantages, including freedom from deductibles and no waiting periods or health qualifications. The dentist and patient can freely discuss treatment needs without referring to a third party.

Another key advantage of the special pricing plan is it encourages a tighter recall schedule, improving cash flow. Regular patients lead to shorter more productive appointments. Discount plans generate greater patient loyalty and referrals.

To see examples of some in-house discount plans, read the article, Swimming with the Sharks: An Introduction to In-House Discount Plans.

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