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Upgrade to CAD/CAM Technology and Never Look Back

Posted On: Tuesday, January 22nd 2013 by

What makes a practice successful? Your technical skill, motivated staff, sound practice management, effective marketing, or cutting-edge technology? The obvious answer is all of the above. While all these aspects play a large role, Dr. Matthew Krieger, a full time general dentist and practice management coach and consultant, believes that technology has the greatest impact on his practice’s ability to generate high-quality restorative dentistry.

How is this possible? CAD/CAM technology has forever changed same day dentistry.

CAD/CAM technology provides a significant and immediate financial advantage over traditional impression-based dentistry. It allows a dentist to produce and deliver restorations in one visit. It reduces overhead by eliminating external fabrication fees, and it reduces material costs associated with impressions and provisionalization as well reducing chairtime. The economics of single- visit vs. multiple-visit indirect restorative dentistry is obvious and impactful.

The possibilities with 3D technology are really wide-open. Read more real examples of how CAD/CAM technology changed Dr. Krieger’s practice in CAD/CAM Technology – You Can’t Afford NOT to Have it!. Learn how to tackle those more challenging cosmetic cases and achieve great aesthetics. You can also help your patients accept treatment by completing their procedure in one visit and discover how same day dentistry becomes an great marketing strategy.

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