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You’ve got to go Paper-Less in 2012! ….The Electronic Medical/Dental Record (EMR/EDR)

Posted On: Wednesday, January 25th 2012 by

I know that one of best things you can do for your practice at this moment is move to a more efficient way of doing business.  And one way would be to upgrade your records keeping method by going paper-less.  This is something that every practice will eventually do, and will save the practice an average of $40,000 a year in overhead according to Dr. Larry Emmott, DDS.

I switched to the electronic dental record in January of 2001.  We set a date and converted every patient to a new digital record one patient at a time.  Before you knew it the charts still on the shelf were the ones to be purged and archived.  I really got a great look at how many active patients I had.  I would never go back to a paper chart.  The way computer systems are designed today, your office will never be down because of a computer issue.  Don’t let that fear stop you from making one of the best decisions you could ever make for your practice.

I have used Dentrix since 1998.  It by far is the best practice management system around.  I should know because I have tried most of them practicing for 22 years.  Henry Schein Tech Central can help you create a complete technology plan and implement it very easily.  I promise it won’t be painful.  Just do it.

Just make an appointment with your local Henry Schein Technology Specialist today. The benefits are so compelling:

  1. Time savings- Automatic, streamline and simply all the time-consuming everyday tasks that slow your practice down.
  2. Save money-Improve your billing and collection processes.  You can even have patients pay you online through your existing website for no charge if you on a support plan.
  3. Increase production- Keep your chairs full and make your entire staff more efficient and productive.
  4. Boost your reputation- Integrate technology that presents your practice as a well-established, polished organization.
  5. Build digital practice- Incorporate integrated technologies that streamline office operations from the front office to the treatment rooms. For example DEXIS digital x-ray, E4D CAD/CAM restorations, Cone Beam CT, Guru patient education, etc.
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