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Dental Blog by Tag: Digital X-rays

Adding New Dental Technology for the New Year

Posted On: Friday, January 24th 2014 by

Categories: Dental Practice Management, Dental Practice Technology | Tags: ,

It isn’t too late to make your New Year’s resolutions – or maybe you’ve already broken the ones you had and need to start over. Make it your resolution to apply lean business principles to your dental practice, and here is how you can apply these lean business principles to embracing new digital imaging. 1. […]

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Change is hard. Digital X-rays are worth it.

Posted On: Friday, May 24th 2013 by

Categories: Dental Practice Technology | Tags: , , ,

When you’ve used film to take dental x-rays for over forty years – and don’t see anything wrong with it, making the change to digital x-rays seems daunting and even unnecessary. Just ask dental hygienist Nanette Brown. When Nanette first heard that her practice decided to switch from film to digital, she thought the same […]

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Digital X-rays an effective solution for dentists and patients

Posted On: Friday, August 31st 2012 by

Categories: Dental Practice Technology | Tags: , ,

As someone who operates eight offices in four different states, Dr. Justin Moody needed a cost-effective solution to his X-ray needs. He learned quickly about the convenience of digital radiography, which saves tons of time for patients as well as time and money for himself. With digital X-rays, the patient and dentist alike will instantly […]

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Research a vital component of upgrading to digital X-rays

Posted On: Saturday, July 7th 2012 by

Categories: Dental Practice Technology | Tags: , ,

Sticker shock often stops dentists from purchasing new dental technology, such as digital X-ray machines, that could actually, in the long run, save them money and improve the services they offer patients. As Pride Institute president Lou Shuman notes, though, dentists could avoid such short-sighted and costly decisions by researching how much their current X-ray […]

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Summary: Traveling With An Old Friend–DEXIS

Posted On: Monday, September 26th 2011 by

Categories: Dental Practice Technology | Tags: , ,

For Dr. Thomas J. Ritter of Towson, Maryland, DEXIS digital X-ray equipment helped establish his solo practice in the late 1990s. Now it’s allowing him to bring modern dentistry to one of the places in the world that needs it the most. Ritter has spent time in earthquake-ravaged Haiti, where his DEXIS digital sensor made […]

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