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Archive for February, 2010

Digital Dentistry Delivers Part 2

Every day I walk through the doors of my practice and wonder, “How can I make it better?” How can your soft assets (your staff) and your hard assets (your machines) work and blend together every minute of the day to give the best result?

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CR Dental Health Clinic

CR Dental Health Clinic’s 2,974-sq. foot; Provo, Utah-based facility resembles a private dental clinic: however, it works in conjunction with the nonprofit CR Foundation that publishes the Gordon J. Christensen – CLINICIANS REPORT ( formerly Clinical Research Associates) to identify products, techniques, and equipment used in dental care for efficacy and clinical usefulness.

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Look the Part

Even though this project that you are considering involves brick and mortar, it is actually an exercise in marketing.

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Quarterly Featured Designs

Two designs are featured in this publication that provide the optimal use of space, equipment, and design elements. Along with each plan, we have highlighted the key elements that help acheive that perfect practice environment. Our designers specialize in the coordination of dental ergonomics and design elements to offer your practice all of the advantages […]

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From 3-D Scan to Treatment Success

Many clinicians, general dentist, and specialists alike, are adding Cone Beam 3-D technology (CBCT) to their practices to facilitate implant placement. Since CBCT offers the most precise and complete information for diagnosis and the treatment planning for dental implants, these dentists understand that they can experience greater predictability in the success of this highly sought […]

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