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Archive for November, 2015

EMV Chip Cards Are Here. Are You Ready?

A new law transfers some responsibility for credit card fraud from banks to the merchants that accepted the card– and that means you. Practices not using new credit card processing technology–which are chip cards–may be financially liable. Find out how to provide this more secure method of processing credit cards easily and at a low […]

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Suburban Office Draws Patients With Convenient, Time-Saving Technology

With a desire to build strong, long-term relationships with patients and to offer specialty care services within their office in Glenpool, Oklahoma, Dr. Parnam Mohanna & Dr. Dalia Georgy made the intentional decision to purchase all of the cutting-edge technology they needed immediately instead of buying it gradually as they grew.

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Why You Should Replace Windows XP Today

Hackers don’t just steal data from large corporations. They steal from any easy target, and computers still running unsupported Windows XP are vulnerable. Find out why your Windows XP computers are putting your practice at serious risk for data breaches and what you should do to protect your business.

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Cloudy Versus Clear Skies

Do all digital imaging systems perform about the same? No, says Dr. Chris Riedel, who switched to DEXIS sensors and says the change was as dramatic as going from overcast to a sunny day. Read how the sensors have proven to be more comfortable and precise and the software more intuitive and user-friendly

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Ever-evolving Tools for More Complete Implant Planning

3D imaging has become the standard of care for implant diagnostics and planning, but Dr. Justin Moody explains how software updates to the i-CAT 3D system are continually expanding the technology’s usefulness to his practice and have given him a tool for enhanced patient education.

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CAD/CAM Transforms Practices By Delivering What Patients Want

Delivering What Patients Want The Planmeca FIT system, with its intuitive software platform that integrates digital intraoral scanning, 3D designing and onsite milling into one streamlined process, is meeting the growing desire of patients to receive complete care in a single visit while also leading to greater practice profitability

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