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About Sidekickmag.com

Sidekick Magazine – Equipment, Technology & News for You and Your Dental Practice

Within the printed pages of Sidekick magazine are the keys to innovation, inspiration, and success. Launched in 2004, Sidekick magazine comes out quarterly and has become a go-to resource for dentists in the United States and Canada who are thinking of building, remodeling or updating a practice. Filled with dental articles, product reviews, case studies, and best practices in dentistry, Sidekick allows doctors to learn about new dental equipment and technology that is changing the industry, but also to read real-world insights from colleagues who are using that dental technology in their practices every day to meet their goals while enhancing the treatment they can give their patients.

In addition to in-depth articles on dental equipment and technology, Sidekick regularly features articles on financial news and tips, new dental office designs, photo galleries, dental practice management advice and more, all with a focus on delivering the best in patient care and a robust return-on-investment.

Sidekickmag.com: Sidekick Magazine Goes Multi-Media

Sidekickmag.com is the digital edition of this popular magazine, and it takes inspiration and innovation to a whole new level. Sidekickmag.com features powerful content that propel doctors beyond the printed page into a personalized, vibrant experience where they can easily search dental topics and resources most relevant to them.

Sidekickmag.com is filled with multi-media tools to provide dental office design inspiration:

Sidekick Featured Dental Offices

For dentists contemplating that next step of building or remodeling a dental office, Sidekick is an indispensable source of ideas and information. Not only can doctors browse through dream dental offices to discover design details they can include in their own build-outs, but they can also read what those doctors say about the building and equipment selection process and what they recommend to others embarking on the same journey.

The 360-degree virtual dental office tours transport readers to these newly-designed offices, giving them a full picture, literally, of the design and the flow of the offices featured.

Sidekickmag.com not only inspires and innovates; it also educates by bringing doctors together with other dental industry experts who share best practices and case studies from their own practices in which cutting-edge dental equipment and technology has made a positive impact on their bottom line and in their patient care.

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