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Dental Education

Our Dental Education content includes up-to-date information on dental CE courses, dental practice transition planning, and more!

LayerCompliance® for Dental

The demands of maintaining HIPAA compliance can be overwhelming to a dental practice. Learn how LayerCompliance, a cloud-based software, can be an important piece of a comprehensive data security program that helps uncover data vulnerabilities, identify security measures specific to the practice, and assist in implementation so a practice is in compliance with up-to-date HIPAA […]

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5 Steps to Going Green

Eco-friendly processes are one way to set a dental practice apart from the competition, but beyond that, they also help make the community a more sustainable place. Practices who want to “go green” can follow five steps to determine where and how to begin.

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Every Dental Practice Needs a Current Valuation!

Most doctors see no reason to have a practice valuation done if they are not adding associates or selling, but there are many reasons to have one done that secure your family’s assets and income and ensure you can take advantage of opportunities that might come up. Read about the practical reasons to have a […]

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Are your patient referrals in compliance with HIPAA?

Our guest blogger today is Katie Lay, CEO, Caek™, Inc. One of the most common questions we get from dentists is “How do I get my patient’s records to a referral provider and comply with HIPAA?” There’s no simple, one-size-fits-all answer. Providing patient records to other healthcare providers is a common function and should be […]

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Re-Examine Your Exam

Dentists have a unique window into the body’s total health through oral exams, if they know what to look for. Focusing on complete health sets a practice apart from others, but it can also be life changing for your patients by identifying and managing health issues early on. Learn the benefits of providing total health […]

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A New Way To Look at Your Business Credit Card

Credit cards are no longer just a go-to option for emergencies, but a legitimate financial strategy that’s easier to access than traditional loans. Read how added benefits like tax deductibility and rewards points further expand the benefits of using a credit card for working capital and cash flow needs.

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You Bought It…Now Promote It!

Many advanced technologies streamline work flows so care is faster, more convenient and more comfortable for your patients. And that positive experience can lead to an increase in referrals and new business through work-of mouth. Learn about seven key strategies to advertise your technology to patients so they leave your office and spread the word.

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