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Dental Education

Our Dental Education content includes up-to-date information on dental CE courses, dental practice transition planning, and more!

Stop Yo-Yo Results by Simply Raising the Bar

(Gary Kadi is our guest blogger today at Sidekick Magazine) Dr. Frank, a longtime practicing dentist in Ohio, has been doubling his cash flow lately. Unfortunately, that’s when the trouble began. Something inside Dr. Frank freaked when he was making all that money. He didn’t build his newfound success on a solid internal foundation, or […]

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It Takes A Team To Close A Case

An Exclusive Special Event Webinar Presentation Over the past six years, Gary Kadi’s, “IT TAKES A TEAM TO CLOSE A CASE” has been shared with over 2,500 dental teams across the United States. Join us for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in Gary’s final presentation of this amazing course! You will leave with the ultimate, […]

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Explode Your Team Case Acceptance!

(Wendy Briggs, RDH is our guest blogger today at Sidekick Magazine) Did you know that 65% of all production completed in the Restorative Department in a dental practice is referred from hygiene? If this is true, I often wonder why so many dentists feel like they could use more help in this area. What tools […]

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TechCentral I.T. Solutions Reshape a Practice.

Drs. Porter and Singley operate a successful practice in Columbus, Mississippi. Their bottom line has benefitted through the expertise of Henry Schein TechCentral’s specialists in streamlining their business activities and enhancing daily productivity.

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Dentists must emphasize “oral systematic connection” with patients

The most important thing dentists can do for their patients is explain the “oral systematic connection,” i.e. how dental health indelibly impacts their overall health. With that in mind, dentists should emphasize a “total wellness” program with patients so that they can not only diagnose, treat and hopefully prevent periodontal disease—which is linked to a […]

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Dental Lifeline Network: Lives on the Line

In addition to reduced donations, many organizations are also facing severe cuts in government funding as well. When Henry Schein discovered that Dental Lifeline Network (formerly the National Foundation for Dentistry for the Handicapped) was facing that very situation, the Company made an immediate decision to act. Well-recognized for their dedication to social responsibility, Henry […]

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