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Dental Education

Our Dental Education content includes up-to-date information on dental CE courses, dental practice transition planning, and more!

CR Dental Health Clinic

CR Dental Health Clinic’s 2,974-sq. foot; Provo, Utah-based facility resembles a private dental clinic: however, it works in conjunction with the nonprofit CR Foundation that publishes the Gordon J. Christensen – CLINICIANS REPORT ( formerly Clinical Research Associates) to identify products, techniques, and equipment used in dental care for efficacy and clinical usefulness.

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Exploring Cone Beam 3–D Dental Imaging

Seeing is believing for patients and dentists alike when it comes to Cone Beam 3-D imaging. It’s not just about viewing crystal-clear images and interpreting the detailed information they provide about a patient’s health. It’s also about seeing where the dental profession is heading in diagnostic technology-and where it needs to be.

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