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Dental Practice Management

Our Dental Practice Management content consists of up-to-date information that provides dentists with the latest legal, financial, business, and dental technology news.

Does your dental practice offer an in-house discount plan?

Fact: 50% of adults do not have dental insurance, and yet, they still need high quality dental care. Another fact: Approximately 11 PPO plans are sold for each indemnity (fee-for-service) plan sold. This puts both patients and dental practices in need for cost-effective dental services. One solution worth exploring is in-house discount plans. Joining a […]

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Get the Most Out of Your Practice Management Software

It’s easy to complain that your dental practice isn’t doing well, but can you offer real facts that support this assumption? Many modern dental practice management software programs provide all the data you need to know exactly how your practice is performing and are a goldmine of information. When properly analyzed, the data from practice […]

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Communicating with Patients: From Beginning to End

Nothing could be more true than the expression “seeing is believeing” when it comes to communicating a diagnosis to a patient. Recent improvements in dental technology have really made this possible. The combination of intraoral cameras and digital imaging allows patients to easily see most problems. One aspect that often gets overlooked is the consultation […]

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Sidekick’s Social Media Articles & Resources

Marketing a dental office is an involved task that requires ongoing planning and attention. From direct mail to promotional offers, there is a lot a practice can do to increase visibility and patient retention. One fasset of marketing that dentists should really embrace is social media. To help get you started, we’ve compiled some of […]

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7 Online Marketing Tips for Dentists

It’s easy for dental practices to take on too many objectives when it comes to online marketing. One way to make simplify online marketing, is to re-purpose existing content for different opportunities online. Here are seven different ways to use online content. For more detailed information & how to get started, read the full article, […]

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Good Times in the Dino Chair

In this new era of marketing a dental practice with social media and search engine optimization, dentists shouldn’t forget that providing the best care for patients is a highly effective marketing tactic. When Dr. Thaddeus Rowell invested in the “Dino Chair” for his younger patients, he realized just how true this is. A lot of […]

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Earn a $500 credit with Henry Schein

Think you might be overpaying on credit card processing fees? One way to ensure you are not overpaying is to look for companies that offer a rate guarantee. Many payment processors claim to offer the lowest rates, but often charge hidden fees or offer low rates initially, but increase them over time. To help you […]

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Money Saving Tip: Renew Your Lease Early

Why? The North American dental office leasing market is showing signs of expansion. Jeremy Behar from the Cirrus Consulting Group explains this latest trend, and more importantly, tells you how this affects you and what you can do to avoid a significant rental rate increase. Get the full details in Market Report: Dental Office Rental […]

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