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Computer Hardware

Digital All-In-One Solution Available for Dental Industry

Software should simplify your practice operations, not make them more complicated or inefficient. Planmeca Romexis delivers simplicity and powerful tools in an open architecture software that connects all of your technology in a single platform and database. With additional modules, such as a mRomexis™ and Romexis Cloud®, it’s even easier to view information on-the-go or to […]

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You’re Backing Up, But Are You Backing Up Often Enough?

Everyone knows they should back-up their computers, but for a dental practice it is even more crucial to protect patient data that may be the target of cyber attacks. Find out if your backup and setup strategies are robust enough to ensure you will not experience data loss or downtime.

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Why You Should Replace Windows XP Today

Hackers don’t just steal data from large corporations. They steal from any easy target, and computers still running unsupported Windows XP are vulnerable. Find out why your Windows XP computers are putting your practice at serious risk for data breaches and what you should do to protect your business.

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Protect Data with a Security Risk Assessment

With the onslaught of data breaches and computer hacking happening daily, securing patient health information must be a priority for every dental practice. Learn why a security risk assessment is a necessary investment and discover the best way to protect your practice from unknown vulnerabilities.

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The Next “Magic 50 Feet”

TechCentral looks forward, and back, at business technology in dentistry. What will the next five years bring? What is your practice’s “magic 50 feet,” and how can it affect profitability?

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R.I.P. Windows XP

Do you have a plan in place to upgrade your office computers when Microsoft discontinues Windows XP support this April?

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