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Digital Diagnostics

Staying on the leading edge with Dentrix and DEXIS

An avid Dentrix user since 1989, Dr. Gerald Bittner, Jr. has experienced the hassle and inefficiencies of using non-compatible technology in his practice that required expensive work-arounds. He shares why a move to DEXIS digital imaging has eliminated extra steps and created a flawless process that benefits his practice and his patients.

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CariVu, A Game-Changing Technology

Whether it is a cancer survivor who has already been exposed to high doses of radiation or a pregnant patient who wants to err on the side of caution, some patients are uncomfortable with X-rays. The CariVu is a zero-dose alternative that is effective at locating caries as well as fracture lines in the tooth. […]

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CariVu — No-Dose Imaging for Patient Needs

For patients with certain medical issues, children, and pregnant women, even a low dose of radiation may be unwanted. The DEXIS CariVu provides an alternative for detecting caries and tooth fractures; it also augments treatment documentation, making it helpful for insurance submissions.

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Cloudy Versus Clear Skies

Do all digital imaging systems perform about the same? No, says Dr. Chris Riedel, who switched to DEXIS sensors and says the change was as dramatic as going from overcast to a sunny day. Read how the sensors have proven to be more comfortable and precise and the software more intuitive and user-friendly

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Digital Sensors – Not All Are Created Equal

Most dentists acknowledge the benefits of digital imaging over traditional X-rays. What is not so obvious are the clear-cut advantages of choosing one digital sensor over another. In this article, Dr. John P. James shares his experience of using different sensors in his practice before finding a perfect fit with DEXIS.

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It’s About Time and About DEXIS

One doctor decided to improve his image–his radiographic image–by switching to DEXIS Platinum sensors. Read as Dr. Gregory Zollo explains why image quality, radiation dosage, ease of use, and tech support have made him wish he had switched to DEXIS sooner!

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CariVu™–It Makes Perfect Sense

The CariVu detection device literally shines a light on hidden caries, and lets patients see it, too! Learn how incorporating a CariVu device into a practice can allow for better diagnostics and patient care.

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CariVu – The Truth of the Tooth

If you’re using the right dental digital radiography system, then finding hidden caries before they cause more serious problems can positively benefit your bottom line and provide superior care for your patients.

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