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10 Offices That Make You Want to Go to the Dentist

Posted On: Friday, January 9th 2015 by

From general practices to specialty practices, here are ten offices that experience high patient retention and increased profits through carefully planned dental office designs.

Click on the name each of practice to see a full gallery of images, a 360-degree tour of the office, and a behind-the-scenes look at the design process in a recent Sidekick Magazine article.

dds-ebrahimi-choi-operatory-hall-IMG5492.jpg 10 Offices That Make You Want to Go to the Dentist
Smiling Seal Pediatric Dentistry

Valencia, California
Smiling Seal Pediatric Dentistry opened in March 2013, and it offers pediatric dentistry and orthodontic services to local families. Dynamic 3-D sculptures, lively murals, ceiling-mounted sea creatures, and other eye-catching props greet patients with an over-the-top festive atmosphere that is designed just for them. Everywhere you look, the office is drenched in vivid colors. Custom murals—digitally printed on vinyl—line the walls and celebrate the area’s most famous landmarks, including Hollywood and the Santa Monica Pier. It is truly a magical world for children!
Hoidal-Sidekick-158-operatory.jpg 10 Offices That Make You Want to Go to the Dentist
Lake Oswego Periodontics & Implant Dentistry

Lake Oswego, Oregon
Rustic design elements complement the state-of-the-art technology, establishing a comfortable blend of contrasts. The earthy color palette creates a warm environment, but tucked within that décor is some of the most advanced dental equipment available. Together, the dental office design plans ensure patients have an excellent experience at Lake Oswego Periodontics & Implant Dentistry.
dds-sukkawala-operatory-32063.jpg 10 Offices That Make You Want to Go to the DentistBrazos Valley
College Station, Texas
The 5,600-square-foot office is in an ideal location, within walking distance of both an elementary school and a middle school and close to a popular community park. As families go about their busy schedules, the practice is set right in the middle of the places they frequent. Its modern design is distinctive to the area as well, standing out as a beacon of state-of-the-art care. As an added bonus, the new practice, which opened in October 2013, is just a block away from the doctor’s previous location, so it was a relatively easy and comfortable transition for his existing patients.
nabers 20130327 00211.jpg 10 Offices That Make You Want to Go to the DentistDental Studio 304
Knoxville, Tennessee
This full-service satellite practice is quickly growing and treats 50 new patients each month at this new location. The practice has created quite a stir in the neighborhood, and its spa-like experience has been the talk of local news articles and television coverage. Paraffin wax hand dips, scented and heated neck pillows, and ultraleather massaging Pelton & Crane operatory chairs wrap patients in luxury and put them at ease, making their visit much more pleasant.
banaji-reception1.jpg 10 Offices That Make You Want to Go to the DentistBanaji Pediatric Dental Specialists
Falls Church, Virginia
As spectacular as this ultramodern dental office design looks, the real “wow” factor is how effectively it has been equipped with new dental technology to provide excellent and efficient patient care. The office of the Banaji Pediatric Dental Specialists is an architectural wonder. Its dramatic décor is ultracontemporary, almost futuristic. The colors are bold and crisp and the design elements, sweeping.
sk-cherkas-600x450.jpg 10 Offices That Make You Want to Go to the DentistThe Cherkas Dental Center
Willow Grove, Pennsylvania
The Cherkas Dental Center was rebuilt after a fire destroyed the original office. In the new building, the décor puts visitors at ease and pampers them during their appointments. The reception area is a rich palette of neutral colors and textures. A natural stone fireplace draws visitors to the cozy, suede chairs placed next to it. A beautiful coffered ceiling holds an oversized wrought-iron pendant light that gives a sophisticated but rustic feel to the room.
sk-az-school-600x450.jpg 10 Offices That Make You Want to Go to the DentistArizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health
Mesa, Arizona
The 10,000-square-foot-plus Advanced Care Clinic was designed both for patient care and as a teaching facility. There are 10 open-bay operatories and five sedation suites. The Clinic’s technology is more advanced than that of most private dental practices; it utilizes a wide range of digital imaging, 3D cone beam, CAD/CAM, laser therapy, caries detection, and more to properly care for the serious and wide-ranging needs of its patients. The Clinic’s clean lines, medical-grade flooring, bright wall colors, generous use of windows, and artwork from ATSU faculty members who are also professional photographers make the space a place that is welcoming and comfortable for patients, yet highly functional for students and faculty.
dds-cozby-dental-kids-operatory-25778.jpg 10 Offices That Make You Want to Go to the DentistForney Family Dentistry & Orthodontics
Forney, Texas
From the patient’s perspective, Forney Family Dentistry is all about comfort. The treatment areas feel warm and welcoming, with cheerful yellow walls, marking the way and providing an interesting design contrast to the sleek, cutting-edge Pelton & Crane chairs, lighting, and cabinetry inside each room. Parents are able to see and hear their children through the muraled glass walls. Forney Family Dentistry and Orthodontics is truly a one-stop practice for cutting-edge technology and treatment.
Receptiondanahay1.jpg 10 Offices That Make You Want to Go to the DentistDental Innovations
Omaha, Nebraska
Dental Innovations is a thriving 3,800-square foot practice that has experienced exceptional growth of 55 new patients per month thanks to a more spacious environment, efficient workflow, and equipment that streamlines and enhances the care that each doctor can provide. The ambiance is comfortable but luxurious. Patients can watch television or gaze at the scenery outside the wall of windows.
justkids 1011.jpg 10 Offices That Make You Want to Go to the DentistJust Kids Dental
Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Few kids would tell you that a dental visit is “fun” but for the pint-sized patients of Just Kids Dental, that’s an accurate description. The office is not just comfortable; it’s an explosion of color and kid-friendly activities and spaces that grab the children’s attention the minute they come in.
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