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3D Imaging – The Dawn of a New Day for Dentistry

Posted On: Thursday, August 4th 2011 by

Innovations in dental technology are surfacing every day, it seems. One of the latest and greatest technological advances is Cone-Beam imaging. The diagnostic capabilities of this revolutionary 3-D imaging solution have had a positive impact on dental practices all across the country. Without performing invasive surgical procedures, dentists can now detect hidden nerve canals, impacted teeth, and anatomical anomalies or abnormalities and discuss their findings with patients immediately. By positioning the Gendex medium field-of-view scanner screen next to the dentist’s chair, a dentist can share his or her diagnosis and suggested treatment plan with patients without delay. With the option to rotate images 360 degrees or slice the view to show a different angle or greater detail, as well as share information via CD or electronic transfer, Cone-Beam imaging is an indispensable tool of modern dentistry whose multiple benefits far outweigh the initial purchase costs.


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