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Are you guilty of shotgun marketing?

Posted On: Saturday, February 23rd 2013 by

Most doctors will agree that shotgun marketing isn’t effective, and it is crucial to success to have a marketing plan in place. So why do so few practices have one?

Douglas Sligting, President of Dental Branding, discovered that most doctors simply don’t know how to create a comprehensive marketing plan. He offers a few helpful tips how to get started and then follow through with the plan. Read the full article, Do You Need a Marketing Plan?

One of the first steps includes setting a budget, which he advises should be based on two key factors 1) the amount of growth you’re trying to achieve and 2) how much money you can afford to spend. If funds and goals don’t align, either temper your goals or increase funds. Your budget should be determined by the amount of growth you want to achieve.

Get started developing your plan now, then learn how to track your results effectively with Douglas’s helpful tips.

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