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CAD/CAM Dentistry – Go Beyond Profits

Posted On: Friday, November 1st 2013 by

Sidekick Magazine and its dental blog have provided many articles and posts about the benefits of CAD/CAM dentistry, explaining how investing in this technology can bring in an attractive return on your investment. In addition to tangible benefits like ROI and faster restorations at lower lab costs, there are many intangible benefits of the E4D System that you may not know.

Incorporating the system truly revolutionizes a dental office – it will functionally change the way you practice and provide an opportunity to reestablish a cohesive team approach around the new technology. When your team masters CAD/CAM dentistry, it will provide each of them with a sense of accomplishment. Patients will also see the dedication your practice has to new technology and to learning new techniques that provides them with better dental care.

Brent Harris, DMD, feels the most profound intangible benefit was increasing his own awareness of the restorative process. CAD/CAM dentistry helped Harris achieve a new skill set and identify potential for new treatment options, renewing his energy for tackling challenging projects.

Even before you’ve begun to realize a positive ROI, you will feel the effects of what new dental technology and CAD/CAM dentistry can do for you and your team. Read more benefits of the E4D system with Brent Harris’s full article, CAD/CAM Systems Deliver Benefits Beyond Profit.

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