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Change a Smile, Change a Life

Posted On: Friday, July 19th 2013 by

Cosmetic dentist Dr. L. Don Wilson loves his job. To have the ability to change a smile and a life is extremely powerful. The CAO diode laser and a little training really opened up possibilities for Dr. Wilson to help him provide a high level of service.

dr-patient413.jpg Change a Smile, Change a LifeLooking at a specific case of a 14-yr-old girl who never smiles because her upper laterals are too small and she doesn’t like the look of her gums or the color of her teeth, Wilson shows how the CAO diode laser and CAO Sheer White bleach strips made it possible to correct these flaws.

Dr. Wilson says, “Having the pleasure of transforming a young person from someone who never smiled to someone who smiles all the time is a great dental high. Plus, it helps me remember why I became a dentist, When I See You Smile.Read the full story and see the before and after pictures.

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