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Change is hard. Digital X-rays are worth it.

Posted On: Friday, May 24th 2013 by

When you’ve used film to take dental x-rays for over forty years – and don’t see anything wrong with it, making the change to digital x-rays seems daunting and even unnecessary. Just ask dental hygienist Nanette Brown.

When Nanette first heard that her practice decided to switch from film to digital, she thought the same thing most hygienists and dentists think, “Oh boy, one more thing to learn” and “Will this really improve our lives here?”

The answer was unequivocally, “yes.”

After the DEXIS demonstration, Nanette was pleased to discover it utilized Rinn-like devices, which felt familiar after using paralleling devices her whole career. In addition, she admitted the images were decidedly clearer and very easy to capture.

It’s easy to see that DEXIS digital x-ray won over the staff at Dr. David Grauer and Dr. Mark Kuchta’s practice in Park Ridge, IL after experiencing the same reservations many hygienists have toward making the change to digital dental technology.

Read more about Nanette’s story, and if you are thinking about making the transition to digital x-rays, be sure to share this with your staff.

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