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Communicating with Patients: From Beginning to End

Posted On: Friday, May 16th 2014 by

Nothing could be more true than the expression “seeing is believeing” when it comes to communicating a diagnosis to a patient. Recent improvements in dental technology have really made this possible. The combination of intraoral cameras and digital imaging allows patients to easily see most problems.

One aspect that often gets overlooked is the consultation room — a place that puts patients and doctors are on equal footing and encourages and facilitates conversation about treatment. Check out these dental consultation rooms. Armed with the right dental technology and an appropriate space for consultation, dentists often find this helps with increasing patient case acceptance as well.

And what about communicating with patients when they’re not in the office? Connecting over social networks, sending birthday cards, and appointment reminders all fall into this category. Don’t under estimate the importance of staying “top-of-mind” with your patients to help patient retention. There is even a way to improve the effectiveness of conversations with patients when they call the office. Phone systems that integrate with dental practice management systems like Dentrix G5 allow receptionists to see info like upcoming appointments and current account balance each time a patient calls.

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