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Dentrix, DEXIS and Guru make treatment planning much easier for dentists and patients

Posted On: Friday, May 4th 2012 by

Back in the old days, when managing a dental practice meant juggling a bunch of files per patient and developing X-rays was a complicated and extended process, coming up with a treatment plan involved a lot of guesswork and even amateur psychology by the dentist, who often had to read body language to understand how much treatment a patient could afford and/or tolerate. But as Dr. Bill Busch learned, dentists who utilize the Dentrix practice management software as well as DEXIS digital imaging and Guru’s ability to provide an interactive preview of treatment find it much easier to map out a plan with patients. Dentrix almost the paperwork and uncertainty once associated with operating a dental office by placing a patient’s insurance plan and billing/payment history in a file that can be easily accessed by all involved parties. DEXIS images, meanwhile, provide a dentist and a patient with an immediate idea of what kind of work needs to be done and can also be inputted into Guru, which allows the patient to see how their dental issues will be addressed.

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