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Digital Dentistry Benefits

Posted On: Friday, February 6th 2015 by

digi-dent-chart-3.png Digital Dentistry Benefits

From exceptional patient experience and care to advanced technology, the field of dentistry continues to deliver better dentistry to dentists and patients with CAD/CAM solutions. With the quality, comfort, and speed of creating restorations, digital dentistry has come a long way for both the patient and the dentist.  Patients can now look forward to a dental visit that eliminates the need to schedule multiple office visits; dentists can now scan, design and create restorations on the day of the appointment with Planmeca PlanScan.

Digital Dentistry Benefits:

  • Precision: Laser technology to create and reconstruct an image of your patient’s tooth with great accuracy
  • Speed: Workflow efficiency is improved with just one office visit per patient
  • Aesthetics: Natural contours and colors that make for a beautiful appearance
  • Quality: Restorations will match strength and look of lab-produced restorations
  • Comfort: No more gooey impression trays – give your patients an experience they’ll never forget!
digital-dent-1.jpg Digital Dentistry Benefits

Planmeca PlanScan used in-conjunction with an on-site milling station, gives the ability to design and mill out a restoration all within the dental office itself.  No more waiting weeks for your restoration to come back from your lab, nor spending time sending it back to the lab for a re-work.  Planmeca PlanScan eliminates those wait times, as well as the conventional bite-down impressions and temporary crowns to create beautiful, natural restorations for your patients – why wouldn’t you want your office to utilize this modern technology?

With digital dentistry rising, E4D technologies has created an online database for Planmeca PlanScan users which allows patients to easily locate digital dentists in their area.  Be sure to register your practice at www.findadigitaldentist.com in order to utilize this tool and also learn more about digital dentistry.  Additionally, E4D Technologies has wrapped two vehicles, both of which are actively roaming the streets of Dallas, TX.  These vehicles are wrapped in Planmeca fashion and showcase digital dentistry – be sure to text DENTIST to stay in the loop!

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