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Do you have an integrity problem?

Posted On: Saturday, March 2nd 2013 by

Team members in many dental practices have feelings toward their dentist-employers ranging from cordial dislike to outright animosity. Could this be you and your practice?

Gary Kadi explains in his article, Why Your Team Hates You, what you may not realize is that your actions may be the cause. Spending all of your energy on patients, but neglecting your team will kill their respect and regard for you. Dedicating time to improving your dental practice management could go a long way.

Ask yourself if you provide your team members with their three basic desires:

  1. Appreciation / acknowledgment
  2. Safety / security
  3. Respect

If you’re not meeting all three of these desires, chances are you have an integrity problem. Integrity means being true to your word. Team members will only trust their doctor-employer in the future if he’s kept his word in the past. The more a doctor breaks trust, the less power he has as a leader.

In order to give your patients the best care, you have to first care for your team. Check out these simple steps to establish integrity in your practice.

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