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Do you have what it takes to be Certified in Digital Dentistry (CDD)?

Posted On: Sunday, November 1st 2015 by

IMG 9596 1-225x300.jpg Do you have what it takes to be Certified in Digital Dentistry (CDD)?

Would you like to be Certified in Digital Dentistry? As a Planmeca FIT open CAD/CAM system owner, you have the chance to stand out amongst your peers by taking this CDD course to build competency, consistency, and productivity as a dental professional.  Whether you are a dental auxiliary, clinician, or technician, earn a new recognition to your skill set.  Learn how to increase productivity in the digital workflow process by taking this 2-day, hands-on intensive course at Planmeca University. Each participant will receive CDD accreditation for each chosen specialty, representing individual components of the digital process, whether it is Scanning, Designing, or Finishing.

Scanning – The Scanning CDD includes specific knowledge of proper preparation designs and soft tissue management along with hands-on verification of proper scanning techniques.  In addition, marking of the margin and confirmation of scanning technique will be verified.  Access to PlanScan and corresponding scanning software is required.

Designing – The Designing CDD – encompasses tooth anatomy, design skills and occlusion.  Hands-on practice encompasses designing of partial and full coverage restorations, implant, and multiple unit restorations that meet the form, function, and esthetic contour of the environment.  Romexis PlanCAD is required to design restorations along with internet access is required for participation.

Finishing – The Finishing CDD requires hands-on verification of the proper contour of milled restorations followed by proper characterization, firing, and polishing of various restorations according to a work authorization.  Access to a polishing instrumentarium and IPS Empress and IPS e.max stain and glaze materials along with appropriate furnace(s).

Interested? Register here: http://e4d.com/, the next fast-track course will be held at Planmeca University in Dallas, TX on November 21-22 – space is limited so register soon!

CDD Logo.png Do you have what it takes to be Certified in Digital Dentistry (CDD)?

Here at Planmeca University, education is one of our top priorities.  We know that education is critical for this technology to be used to its fullest potential.  It is important to prepare dental professionals in today’s ever-evolving CAD/CAM culture where same-day dentistry may become the norm soon.

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