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Educate Patients with DEXIS® go for iPad

Posted On: Friday, September 27th 2013 by

Patient education is always an important issue for dentists. Finding ways to help patients understand the risk and benefits of treatment and dental care is an ongoing mission.

Well now there’s an app for that.

dr anderson dxgo-ipad 310x275.jpg Educate Patients with DEXIS® go for iPadDEXIS® has been Dr. Christopher Anderson’s digital X-ray product of choice for over nine years. During this time, he has tested various DEXIS products, including DEXIS® Imaging Suite and most recently, DEXIS go—the new iPad app. Dr. Anderson quickly discovered how simple it was to navigate and became impressed with how well it was accepted by his patients. After the beta testing was complete, he bought several iPad minis for his staff.

The greatest benefit of DEXIS go is patient Education. “DEXIS go provides what I call a ‘personal patient experience’ as the images simply come alive in their hands,” says Dr. Anderson. “I can use a monitor for patient education, but putting an iPad in their hands and scrolling through the images – or letting them do it – creates a much more intimate setting for discussion.”

DEXIS go on an iPad is now part of the essential technology that benefits his patients on a daily basis. Read more about Dr. Anderson’s experience in the Sidekick Magazine article, DEXIS go – My Portable Consult Room.

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