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Emotional Leadership…what’s that?

Posted On: Wednesday, February 27th 2013 by

(The Team Training Institute is our guest blogger today at Sidekick Magazine)

Have you ever walked into your dental practice in the morning scared because you aren’t sure what kind of “emotional” atmosphere you are coming into? Are there certain people that you tend to avoid because you know they are naturally a little more negative? Do you ever find yourself struggling to maintain your own positive attitude much less trying to create a motivating environment for your team?

I believe one of the most important responsibilities of a good leader is to take ownership of the emotional tone of their practice, to set the stage for the types of attitudes and behaviors you would like to have present as part of your practice culture.

I’m sure there are some of you who are saying, “That’s almost impossible. I have no control over the way other people think and feel.” And you are right. As a leader you can however create an environment that attracts positivity. Let me share a few tips on how to set the stage for your team to be filled with appreciate, gratitude and positive energy!

Each time we have a team meeting, whether there are two of us or thirty-two of us, we start by sharing our Positive Focus. The Positive Focus is an exercise where each person in attendance takes a moment to share one thing in both their personal or professional life that’s “going right”. It’s a simple system we have put in place to ensure that all of our meetings start off on the best foot.

The Positive Focus not only produces a great atmosphere but really gives you some good insight into your team. For example, if during the Positive Focus, your team primarily shares examples that only pertain to their personal lives; it’s time to really evaluate the level of focus and energy you are putting in to the practice. Are you creating an environment that keeps them challenged, lets them know they are appreciated and gives them something to talk about? If so, they will take their time during the Positive Focus to rave about it!

We are all human beings living busy, dynamic lives. With that being said, there are times when it’s a little more difficult for us to identify something that’s “going right.” It doesn’t make us bad people, but as a leader, when I see someone struggling to find something to share during the Positive Focus it allows me to take a moment to provide additional support to that team member. Your team will naturally rally around that person as well. What better way to help someone navigate during a difficult time than to have a team surrounding them with lots of encouragement and care!

Good leaders lead from the front. They walk the walk. They create motivating and inspiring environments for their teams. Putting a system in place to ensure that you as a leader are consistently providing positive emotional leadership is as simple as implementing the Positive Focus. It only takes a few minutes and a commitment to doing it each and every time you meet. The return you will get on this investment of time is priceless. I encourage you to start today.

One last thing…What’s going right for me…My family is healthy and happy. I get the opportunity to work with an incredible team each day. I am blessed with an environment that allows me to meet new teams and make new relationships. My heart is truly full.

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