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Finding Inspiration: Rebuilding After 35 Years of Practicing Dentistry

Posted On: Friday, August 8th 2014 by

Imagine your life’s work, a dental practice where you’ve worked for over 35 years, gone and left smoldering after a terrible fire. Everything from the building to the patient records are destroyed leaving you to wonder if you should just retire early.

sk-fire Finding Inspiration: Rebuilding After 35 Years of Practicing Dentistry

Dr. Leonard Cherkas was in this exact position. Battling different emotions, Dr. Cherkas decided to face the exciting – and daunting – task of rebuilding a better office. He gathered his staff at his home and announced his intention to “recreate and elevate” the practice. Now was the time to build the dental office of his dreams. To do this, he had to change his lifestyle and double his work hours. In the end, Dr. Cherkas was able to rebuild, recreate, and elevate his practice into exactly what he wanted it to be, and he did it in eight months.

Tour Dr. Leonard Cherkas’s new dental practice, see what dental equipment fills his new operatories, and read the full story on rebuilding a new dental office design in the article, Out of the Fire and Into a Gorgeous Dental Office.

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