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Game Changers: 3D Imaging and i-CAT Technology

Posted On: Friday, August 2nd 2013 by

To Dr. Guy Gross, 3D imaging and i-CAT technology are game changers in terms of patient education, expanded treatment options, and greater opportunities for treatment success. In his article, The Outstanding Financial and Clinical ROI from i-CAT, Dr. Gross discusses how the right technology has given him greater accuracy and confidence in providing specialized care to his patients.

Here are just a few examples how this investment has revolutionized his practice:

lateral.jpg Game Changers: 3D Imaging and i-CAT Technology

  • The Single Biggest Benefit: Planning Implants. “I can look my patients in the eye and tell them if we will be able to place the implant without having to make an incision or use sutures. I see the bone before I start any procedure, and I know if I need to reflect the tissue back, place a graft, or use a certain type of membrane or not. This helps to increase case acceptance for implants because it takes away the patients’ fear about the unknown and puts them at ease.”
  • Wisdom Teeth. “I can look really closely at the roots of wisdom teeth before I start any treatment planning and see things that would not be visible on a periapical X-ray or pano. For example, on a 2D image, sometimes it appears as if the root of a lower third molar is right down into the mandibular canal, but on a 3D scan, it is apparent that the tooth is quite a distance lingual or buccal to that canal. I can treat the patient more accurately based on this information. I have no concerns about not seeing a dilacerated root prior to treatment either.”
  • Image Quality vs Radiation Dose. “I am viewing vastly greater amounts of information with less radiation exposure than when I had to take X-rays with my old pano machine.”

Read more of Dr. Gross’s story on Sidekickmag.com.

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