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Good Times in the Dino Chair

Posted On: Friday, April 11th 2014 by

In this new era of marketing a dental practice with social media and search engine optimization, dentists shouldn’t forget that providing the best care for patients is a highly effective marketing tactic. When Dr. Thaddeus Rowell invested in the “Dino Chair” for his younger patients, he realized just how true this is.

A lot of money can be spent on a marketing companies that offer endless opportunities to promote a dental office, ensuring traffic into your office will be increased; however, that is only half the battle. They key is also to make sure patients come back.

That’s exactly what the Dino Chair did for Dr. Rowell.

He recently added pediatrics to his practice but was having trouble retaining younger patients. The Dino Chair – a dinosaur-themed pediatric chair – helped increase patient retention. He turned its success into a huge marketing opportunity by promoting the chair in online ads, billboards, t-shirts, etc.

Check out the Dino Chair with the article, A New Era in Dental Marketing and Management.

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