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How Can Dental Furniture Inspire Peak Performance?

Posted On: Monday, May 2nd 2016 by

Purp-Room-NewContemperary MC 800-220x220.jpg How Can Dental Furniture Inspire Peak Performance?

1,200,000 testing hours. That’s what A-dec engineers and designers dedicated to ensure that the new line of A-dec furniture is more than just cabinets: It’s furniture designed for the life of your practice.

Launched May 2, A-dec Inspire is the culmination of a whole lot of strategic planning, testing, refining, and input from dental teams. With A-dec durability built in, the furniture line is based on smart ergonomics, streamlined workflow and simplified technology. It’s all about having everything you and your team need to feel more productive right at your fingertips, and tucking it all away when you don’t. It’s about ergonomically placed floating and swing-out shelves that bring ancillaries and storables to you, not the other way around. It’s about easing eyestrain with LED task lighting that matches the color temperature of A-dec dental lights, and gliding monitor mounts that slide and pivot while neatly concealing cables inside the arm. And, it’s about versatility, including doors that switch from right to left, and completely adaptable cabinet configurations that you can change from drawers for doors (and vice versa) if preferences change down the road.

It’s efficient, calming and inviting.

From a visual design perspective, A-dec Inspire encourages individuality. The dental furniture collection takes advantage of the mixed materials trend, with options for dozens of hard surfaces and laminates, solid or metal framed doors, and unique infills—some of which incorporate actual leaves for a touch of nature and light.

So many choices. So many looks. Visit a-dec-inspire.com for more inspiration.

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