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Improve Your Cash Flow

Posted On: Friday, September 19th 2014 by

The best dental practice management advice you can get to improve your cash flow: enable debit and credit card payments. Already do that? Great! Just make sure you’re not paying too much for each transaction.

Not only do debit and credit payments increase cash flow, they also reduce collections, improve staff productivity, and make life easier for your patients. You already understand this if your practice accepts debit and credit card payments, but are you getting the best effective rate possible – the cost it takes to process each transation?

If you are able to provide three months of statements from your current card processor, Moneris will analyze them to determine your actual effective rate. They will credit $500 to your Henry Schein account if they can’t beat or at least meet that rate.

Don’t miss the opportunity to increase your cash flow or possibly receive a $500 Henry Schein credit! Learn more here.

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