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Katrina can’t destroy the McCabe Dental Clinic

Posted On: Friday, August 17th 2012 by

By the time Hurricane Katrina was done decimating the shoreline in Gulfport, Mississippi, all that was left of the McCabe Dental Clinic was its foundation and exterior signage. That proved to symbolize the determination and resiliency of the McCabe family, which refused to let America’s worst natural disaster end a practice that had been in operation for three generations. By November 2005—barely three months after Katrina—Tim and Mike McCabe had set up temporary shop in trailers. And after the death of their father, Edson, in 2010, Tim and Mike rebuilt their office at its original site and debuted the new McCabe Dental Clinic in October 2011. The McCabes worked with Henry Schein to produce a facility that provides a stunning and relaxing view of the Gulf Coast as well as the most modern equipment anywhere.

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