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Last Chance to Purchase Dental Equipment and Reap the Benefits of Section 179

Posted On: Friday, November 29th 2013 by

Our last post in August regarding the financial investment benefits of Section 179 discussed how much you can save just over last year. This is a last reminder that you can still take advantage of these benefits as long as the newly purchased dental equipment is “placed in service” by December 31, 2013.

In Sidekick Magazine’s most recent article Section 179 and Digital X-ray — Professional Perspectives by Sally McKenzie (CEO of McKenzie Management, which provides management and marketing dentistry services), Sally gives some helpful tips about taking full advantage of Section 179 while there is still time left before the end of the year. She includes this quote from Ken S. Rubin, San Diego-based dental CPA: “If your office is not digital, you are still in the dark ages of the darkroom. When a practice is being sold, usually the number one best investment that a seller can make is to upgrade to intra-oral digital X-ray.”

Another tip from Sally: With DEXIS® digital radiography available for a reasonable cost, there is plenty of the deduction limit left to add other technology to the mix. Computers and software qualify for the deduction, so you can make your imaging more portable and patient-friendly by adding laptops or iPad®s to the operatories.

Continue reading more helpful tips with the full article.

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