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Mississippi practice learns the E4D Dentist pays for itself—and then some

Posted On: Friday, May 4th 2012 by

Even dentists who are eager to upgrade their equipment often experience “sticker shock” upon seeing what such purchases will cost. But as Henry Schein digital technology specialist James Kinney learned when he visited a Mississippi-based dentist, explaining how upgrades often pay for themselves almost immediately can soothe the nerves of a dentist and encourage him or her to make a practice-changing investment. Kinney took the Mississippi dentist who was hoping to convert the office to digital on a tour of the E4D facility in Dallas, where the dentist realized the E4D Dentist (which has modernized, from start to finish, restorative dentistry) would save so much money in lab fees—as much as 85 percent each month—that it would allow the practice to purchase additional digital technology, which it did within a month of adding the E4D Dentist.

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