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New Seminar Offers Solutions for Dental Practices

Posted On: Friday, July 11th 2014 by

Highly acclaimed speaker Dr. Mark Morin is offering a new seminar, Principles for a Productive Dental Practice: CAD/CAM Dentistry in the Digital Age. By travelling throughout the U.S. for the past 25 years and working with some of the most successful dental practices in the country, he has learned from these offices and his own about what it takes to run a successful dental office efficiently while maintaining profitability in this economy.

The seminar covers two big challenges:
1) How to produce an additional 12-14% to make up for higher taxes.
2) How to deal with the decrease in insurance reimbursement and the increase of PPOs.

The article Overcoming Four Main Dental Practice Challenges discusses three of Dr. Morin’s solutions offered in the seminar.

To register for a seminar in a city near you, visit www.markmorinevents.com.

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