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Dental Blog

Add Some Green in 2017

Posted On: Thursday, February 16th 2017 by

Categories: Dental Office Design

This is the year to add some green to your practice—and we don’t just mean money. Each year since 2000, the Pantone Color Institute declares a “color of the year,” based on “global culture, mood and attitude.” The results influence interior design, fashion, floral, and all kinds of consumer-oriented companies, as they design and plan […]

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A Successful Dental Practice Starts with Centralization

Posted On: Tuesday, February 7th 2017 by

Categories: Dental Practice Management

You’re a dentist, but you’re also an entrepreneur. You’re motivated, driven, and future-oriented, which is probably why you successfully started your first dental practice and now have two, three, or even more profitable practices. But once you reach the three-plus location mark, managing and running your dental practice isn’t as easy as it was. It’s […]

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Is Your Practice Website Costing You New Patients?

Posted On: Monday, January 30th 2017 by

Categories: Dental Practice Management, Dental Practice Marketing

You spend a lot of time, money, and effort creating a welcoming environment in your practice. When new patients walk through the door, you make them feel comfortable and secure. What about before patients get to your door? Before that first call to schedule an appointment? Is your website conveying the same level of comfort […]

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Dentrix Connected Partner Spotlight: Brightsquid

Posted On: Friday, January 20th 2017 by

Categories: Dental Practice Technology

Brightsquid Secure-Mail for Dentrix Simplifies Email Compliance Email is a problem for most dental practices for two reasons: Using regular email (Outlook, Gmail, etc.) to transmit patient data isn’t HIPAA compliant. You can’t email high-resolution digital images, 3-D STL files or CBCT scans because they’re too big. Most email servers limit attachment size to less […]

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The True Cost of Dental Equipment

Posted On: Tuesday, January 10th 2017 by

Categories: Dental Practice Management, Dental Practice Technology

To get your money’s worth, look beyond the price tag If you’re feeling pressure to get the most out of your equipment budget, it can be tempting to hone in on price alone when making a purchase. But as many have learned the hard way, “low price” and “excellent value” aren’t necessarily the same thing. […]

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Dentists Are Truly Unique Office Tenants

Posted On: Friday, October 28th 2016 by

Categories: Dental Practice Management

Dentists are not your typical commercial tenants. As a niche group with explicit professional space requirements, an effective dental office lease should always be written with provisions unique to the business, while providing long term protection and runway for the practice’s success. Dentists must be conscious of this fact when negotiating the details of an […]

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3 Questions to Check Your Dental Coding Skills

Posted On: Friday, July 22nd 2016 by

Categories: Dental Practice Management

Coding correctly is critical for maximizing reimbursement, increasing cash flow, and minimizing any coding errors that could result in fines or worse. We consistently find $20,000 to $30,000 in coding errors during our practice analysis process. Test your coding knowledge with these 3 questions. 1. What code should be used for fluoride treatments? D1208 and […]

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