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Planmeca Introduces the Planmeca FIT™ System

Posted On: Friday, August 28th 2015 by

planmecafit 200.jpg Planmeca Introduces the Planmeca FIT™ System

Planmeca has announced the release of the Planmeca FIT System, the new branding name for the fully integrated open CAD/CAM system for same-day dentistry. Planmeca FIT includes the PlanScan scanner, PlanCAD design software, and the PlanMill 40. The FIT system provides a digital workflow that combines exceptional patient experience with comfort and health, as well as restorations that fit perfectly.
Focusing on a full system approach, the Planmeca FIT adapts to a practice’s schedule, needs, and expectations. It is the ultimate chairside digital solution to create a profitable dental practice.
The Digital Workflow

  1. PlanScan scanner can easily and accurately scan the tooth (no more gooey impressions)
  2. PlanCAD software is used to design the tooth (show your patients exactly what you’re doing)
  3. PlanMill 40 quickly fabricates the restoration (in-house and same-day results)

This takes away the time that is lost for re-impressions, re-makes from the lab, as well more chair time. With this complete system, dental professionals can achieve chairside restorations that patients appreciate, all in the same day.

The Power of the Perfect Fit
Planmeca FIT meets and exceeds both patient expectations and conveniences by providing beautiful and natural-looking restorations through same-day dentistry with the added benefit that allows patients to continue their daily routine without any disruptions. Restorations fabricated by Planmeca FIT are strong in strength, beautiful in aesthetics, and natural in appearance, providing a balanced restoration that fits right into the patient’s lifestyle for an ideal smile. Dental care has never felt nor looked the same with Planmeca FIT’s same-day technology, a new level of exceptional experience for both the patient and user.

See the full press release here.

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