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Planmeca University Summer Courses

Posted On: Wednesday, July 1st 2015 by

CALENDAR-217x300.png Planmeca University Summer Courses

From July through August, Planmeca University is offering many exciting courses throughout the nation, including Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Portland, and Sacramento. From learning about what CAD/CAM can do for your practice to comprehensive and advanced training for the whole team, we’ve got a number of programs to ensure that you get the most out of your continuing education in digital dentistry. Check out some of these regional courses below:

Preview (Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas)
Participants will gain an overview of the science, clinical indications, materials, and techniques of current and emerging digital restorative technologies.

Elements (Chicago, Dallas)
This course introduces new users to the primary features and functions of the PlanScan restorative system. This comprehensive course provides information on equipment, maintenance, and the fundamentals of scanning, designing, and finishing restorations with superior clinical outcome.

Beyond the Basics (Chicago, Dallas)
The next step in your clinical proficiency and functional esthetic success begins with the understanding of CAD/CAM applications. This hands-on course will provide participants with comprehensive techniques on advancing your scanning, designing and practical principles to quadrant dentistry and implant restorative care.

Certified in Digital Dentistry (Dallas)
This comprehensive course builds competency, consistency, and shows you how to increase productivity in the digital workflow process. Learn conveniently online by choosing one or all specialties, or fast-track your certification in all three specialties with a 2-day, hands-on intensive course at Planmeca University. Each participant will receive CDD accreditation for each of your chosen specialties, whether Scanning, Designing, or Finishing.

CAMp Out, Front & Center (Las Vegas, Sacramento)
http://e4d.com/camp-out/, http://e4d.com/front-center/
Building on the basics of design can take a novice designer and turn them into a pro. This course will expand the participant’s knowledge and skills with practical aspects of designing and finishing multiple restorations that are not only functional but also esthetic.
Beautiful and functional restorations are easy with CAD/CAM. This course provides you with an introduction to anterior esthetics theory and continues with the importance of prep design, models/diagnostics and time-saving scanning techniques. Attendees will be taught step-by-step color, shading and contour techniques. During the class, participants will have the opportunity to work on a four-unit case with a combination of veneers and full crowns.

Multiply Your Success – Bridges, Implants & More (Portland)
Efficiency is the key to the success of CAD/CAM in the dental practice. This course covers the design of multiple unit preparations for anterior and posterior cases as well as partial coverage restorations.
Bridge and Implant restorations pose unique challenges to CAD/CAM. Participants will learn proven methods on how to build a solid foundation with the technical aspects of bridge design and software operation for optimal results.

Anterior Esthetics (Chicago)
Everyone could find something about their smile they would like to change. This course on anterior restoration design techniques advances your skills a step further increasing your knowledge and skill in creating functional and highly esthetic veneers for your patients. Participants will learn how to select, diagnose, prepare, and complete a 6-unit case.

Smile Design (Dallas)
You have reached the pinnacle of your CAD/CAM journey with this technically creative hands-on course where you will gain the insight into the replication of natural anterior esthetics. Maximize your course fee investment by treatment planning one of your own 8 unit anterior cases and complete the restorations using advanced contour and ceramic finishing techniques at this dynamic and rewarding program.

Comprehensive Bridges & Implants (Dallas)
Gain insights into creating bridges and implant restorations with this advanced hands-on program. You will learn how to use the bridge capability and gain an understanding of the new materials for anterior and posterior bridges that give you the assurance and confidence you need for successful
delivery. Implant restorations can pose challenges in some cases; in this course you will learn proven methods to achieve optimal results.

PlanScan Heart of the Digital Implant Workflow (Las Vegas)
“PlanScan Heart of The Digital Implant Workflow” is a two day interactive hands-on experience that puts the E4D/PlanScan user in complete control of implant restoration. This course will guide you through every step of the implant process from pre-surgical planning to intraoral scanning to final cementation.
We have a lot going on during these summer months so be sure to catch one of these courses (make it a vacation, if you will!) to help increase production, revenue, and profits while decreasing costs and inefficiencies to improve your team and practice’s performance. We offer CE credits for all classes and classes are led by passionate educators, faculty & staff that are here to help you succeed.

Don’t forget that for the entire month of June, we are offering $200 off dentist/lab tech registration for Planmeca’s Power of Digital Dentistry Conference (http://powerofdigitaldentistry.com/) – sign up now, space is limited!

View the Planmeca University calendar here (http://e4d.com/calendars/) or sign up for a Planmeca University class (https://e4d.com/education/) and become a master of digital dentistry, today!

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