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Re-rooted and Re-routed

Posted On: Tuesday, January 29th 2013 by

(Gary Kadi is our guest blogger today at Sidekick Magazine)

“I thought a new year would bring new beginnings, but the problem is, I brought myself with me in 2013,” says Dr. Larry Laserguy.

“No matter what I did, I experienced the same reoccurring problems from 2012: major stress, overworking, inefficiencies, non compliant team and patients, and my home and finances a total wreck. After I read Gary Kadi’s Million Dollar Dentistry I finally realized, that the root of the problem is me.”

“For example, I promised to have a review with my hygienist and failed to do so for an entire year! Meanwhile, she became resentful and bitter towards me and the patients totally sensed that whenever we interacted at the office. My wife was feeling the same way towards me because I had promised her I’d be home from work at a certain time and often stayed late.”

“What I learned on page 81 of Gary’s book was that I needed to re-route my life. I took time to really audit all of the areas where I had missing or broken agreements. Once I had clarity on this, I was empowered to take personal responsibility. I’ve started to make conscious choices to honor the agreements that I make with myself, with my team, and with others. Doing so has already given me a new-found sense of freedom because I know my integrity is intact.”

Larry Laserguy is among the 98% of dentists that are struggling and suffering alone in 2103. Million Dollar Dentistry and NextLevel Practice is founded by the distinction that everything works when you keep your word and the successes of the practices we work with are proof. So ask yourself; are you following through on your agreements?

Please enjoy a complimentary copy of Gary Kadi’s revolutionary book, Million Dollar Dentistry, on behalf of Henry Schein Dental by contacting Hailey at hailey@nextlevelpractice.com. Be sure to include the following promo code in your email – hsdmdd – along with your mailing address and phone number. This offer expires February 28th, 2013.

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