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Roundup: Technology continues to benefit dentists of all ages

Posted On: Monday, August 22nd 2011 by

Technology must be embraced by dentists—not only inside the office but outside of it as well. We heard four interesting stories this month of dentists thriving with technologies that were difficult to imagine even a few years ago.

Cone-Beam imaging is a revolutionary 3-D imaging solution that allows dentists to find impacted teeth, hidden nerve canals, anatomical anomalies and/or abnormalities and discuss these urgent issues with patients immediately—without actually performing surgery. Cone-Beam imaging is well worth the investment for dentists, who will yield immediate dividends by bringing it into their office.

Technology is keeping Dr. Paul Perme young a mere 55 years following his graduation from dental school! When Dr. Perme partnered with Dr. Terry Myers, Perme figured it was the beginning of his transition into full-time retirement. But Preme has been invigorated by the technology Myers brought with him—including digital X-rays that allow Plume to have in a few minutes consultations that used to take days—and continues to treat patients two days a week.

Social media might not seem like an obvious venue for dentists, but Virginia-based dentists Dr. Jason Lipscomb and Dr. Stephen Knight have proven otherwise. The duo have authored a book, “Social Media For Dentists,” and operate a website and Facebook page based on the book. Websites and, in particular, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are valuable opportunities for dentists to not only promote their offices but to also introduce themselves to potential patients and establish themselves as an expert voice in a relaxed setting.

And even though the economy is as bad as anyone has ever seen it, Dr. John C. Cranham of Virginia is steadfast in his belief dentists need to invest in the newest technologies and continue to offer the newest treatments to patients in order to not only survive but also recruit new patients. Cranham recently began providing dental implant surgery at his office and provided six tips for dentists who are looking to provide more services to their patients—old and new.

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