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See Caries? Prove It To Your Patients

Posted On: Friday, December 13th 2013 by

Have you noticed that patients today want tangible evidence that issues exist? That poses a problem in the diagnosis of caries. Dentists often rely on their eyes and explorers, which can miss early signs of decay, and then have a problem proving to patients that the caries exist. The Spectra by Air Techniques allows dentists to not only detect caries early on but also show patients the problem exists.

computer 413.jpg See Caries? Prove It To Your PatientsHow does Spectra work? Think of it as if it’s the Doppler radar of dentistry. The technology emits has a high-energy blue violet light that stimulates the metabolites of cariogenic bacteria. Once the tooth is scanned an image appears showing both areas of health as well as areas in which caries may be present. The severity of the issue is depicted both in a numerical as well as a color scale, which can be easily understood both by dentists and patients alike.

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