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Solving Dental Office Design Challenges

Posted On: Friday, July 18th 2014 by

Dr. Daniel Petersen, a highly experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeon, has an impressive, fresh new office. Before he was able to enjoy this new space, he had to fix many problems with his old office. Determining that he would need a new location, building, and dental equipment came after much needed planning.

Together with Henry Schein, they worked out a practice analysis to determine the growth needed to accomplish the project, optimize and balance fees, and plan for success. Dr. Petersen attended the Driven to Excellence seminar in Oregon to help him think through all of the issues and decisions that come with building a new office. He even took a VIP trip to Midmark to examine the new dental technology available.

After all of this information gathering, here is how he resolved three problems typical of an older office where the practice has outgrown its space.

Problem: No workflow, a small space, and poor circuitry
Solution: A new location. A new building provided the opportunity to customize each room for a dedicated purpose. A workflow with treatment rooms in one area and a central sterilization room provided the time-saving efficiencies lacking in the old office.

Problem: No consultation room.
Solution: New office included a designated consultation room, equipped with Pelton & Crane chairs and Helios LED lights to give patients a comfortable experience.

Problem: Outdated equipment.
Solution: Purchased OMSVision practice-management software to run the operational side of the practice, along with i-CAT and NOMAD technologies that interface with OMSVision to allow patient information and images to be stored and accessed digitally.

Find out more about Dr. Daniel Petersen’s new practice and the building process of the new office.

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