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Spotlight: Hoekwater Family Dentistry 2011 Working Towards Future Success

Posted On: Monday, September 26th 2011 by

For Hoekwater Family Dentistry in Michigan, the secret to success is the complete modernization of the office it underwent earlier this year. That means everything from the filing system to the waiting room and, of course, the dentist’s chair. Patients who walk into Hoekwater will notice an unusually efficient and welcoming environment. Hoekwater is a paperless office, which greatly reduces bookkeeping and clerical errors while also aiding the environment. As they wait to see one of the three full-time dentists, patients can watch TV, play video games, choose from a variety of beverages or just gaze at the floor-to-ceiling fireplace, all of which is located in a high, wide and well-lit room intended to put people at ease and keep foot traffic to a minimum. And once patients head in for their exam, they’ll be part of a futuristic experience in which intraoral cameras allow them to see inside their mouth and better understand the dentist’s proposed treatments.

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