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Summary: 3-D imaging “precisely” what dentists desire

Posted On: Monday, January 2nd 2012 by

Moviegoers aren’t the only one fascinated by 3-D technology. Thanks to 3-D imaging—and the i-CAT Precise system in particular—dentists are able to provide more efficient and successful treatment during oral surgery and dental implant procedures. The technology provides far better images with which dentists can examine teeth and better plan the implant process, from single implant placement to multiple implant placement to restorative treatment for the implants. The i-CAT Precise system, in conjunction with Tx Studio software, also dramatically hastens treatment. It takes fewer than 30 seconds for a scan of a tooth to be completed, after which the dentist can immediately discuss the treatment with the patient. For more information about the i-CAT Precise, visit this link.

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