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Summary: New building built to last at Crestway Park Dental

Posted On: Wednesday, November 9th 2011 by

Getting it right the first time is the only goal for dentists of all ages. For Brandon Allen of Athens, TX, the same sentiment applies to building a new office. After several years in the building he bought from another dentist, Allen realized he needed a bigger space to better serve his patients yet understandably wanted to make sure the new building would be the only one he’d have to construct in his career. Working with Henry Schein Dental. Allen came up with the office layout and design plans for a two-floor, 6,500-foot building that is impressively modern both in terms of appearance and the dental amenities it provides. The new space allows Allen to house a periodontist and an orthodontist one day a month, to accommodate 30 new patients each month and increase his practice’s production by between 10 and 20 percent.


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