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Summary: The “Art & Dentistry” office is exactly what it implies

Posted On: Saturday, December 24th 2011 by

Who could have ever imagined the day in which going to the dentist’s office would be like going to the art museum? Yet Dr. Ellen Brodsky has “mashed up” these two seemingly divergent worlds with her “Art & Dentistry” office in Bethesda, Maryland. Patients who walk in for an appointment with Brodsky could easily mistake her office for a building in the hippest part of Manhattan. Dozens of beautiful paintings and other works of art are on display throughout the office and are rotated every few months. Such surroundings help relax patients who often dread the trip to the dentist. But Brodsky also knows all the art in the world won’t matter if she doesn’t offer top-of-the-line service, and the nearly 4,500 patients she serves in the seven operatory facility is all the evidence that the dentistry and the accompanying technology is as impressive as the art at Art & Dentistry.

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