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SUMMARY: The Benefits of Chairside Dental CAD/CAM Systems

Posted On: Wednesday, July 13th 2011 by

When it comes to technological advances in the dental
industry, some innovations are essential to maintaining a high level of patient
care and some are gadgets that frankly, you can do without. Knowing how to
distinguish between a fad and a really indispensable piece of new equipment or
upgrade to existing equipment is fundamental to both your bottom line and your
standard of care. The E4D Dentist System, with CAD/CAM technology, is one of
those invaluable advances that will go a long way to enhancing your reputation
as a dental professional who knows how to harness the productivity power that
the latest technologies can provide. The highly intuitive DentaLogic™ software
program enables a patient’s veneer, crown, or inlay/onlay to be designed
chairside – from start to finish – with the patient comfortably seated in your
office, and without the use of a contrast agent.

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