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Summary: Traveling With An Old Friend–DEXIS

Posted On: Monday, September 26th 2011 by

For Dr. Thomas J. Ritter of Towson, Maryland, DEXIS digital X-ray equipment helped establish his solo practice in the late 1990s. Now it’s allowing him to bring modern dentistry to one of the places in the world that needs it the most. Ritter has spent time in earthquake-ravaged Haiti, where his DEXIS digital sensor made it possible for him to treat hundreds of people in an area that still had no electricity. The DEXIS digital sensor could be used on any computer with a USB port and the X-rays can be saved—and all pertinent information about the patient stored—with a single click of a mouse and eventually transferred to a thumb drive. DEXIS also donated to the Haiti Dental School a digital sensor that will allow its students to practice the same type of modern dentistry that is now commonplace in America.

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