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Taking The Selling Out Of Dentistry

Posted On: Saturday, December 1st 2012 by

(Gary Kadi is our guest blogger today at Sidekick Magazine)

The key to closing big cases is to know how to have your entire office involved in the selling process. This will free you up to do the work that you find the most interesting and lucrative while creating a sense of unified purpose for your team. Below is a step-by-step sales process that will generate huge amounts of income. Once you put these procedures into place, you won’t have to do much—or any—of the selling. Your team will be doing it for you, allowing you to practice the kind of dentistry you want to practice, while making the kind of money you may never have dreamt that you could make.

Step #1:

Your re-care coordinator will make sure that your hygienist has a completely booked schedule.

Step #2:

Your appointment coordinator will ensure that the calendar is adhered to and if patients cancel last minute, someone on your wish list is called.

Step #3:

The hygienist gets an hour to educate the patient about apparent issues and the appropriate treatment, using at least four images from an intraoral camera.

Step #4:

You will step into the hygienist’s room to confirm what she has suggested, answer the patient’s questions, then leave the room.

Step #5:

Your hygienist will turn the patient over to the treatment coordinator who will discuss treatment, answer concerns/questions, and make agreements regarding time and money.

How much selling did you have to do in that paradigm? Not much! After all, selling really isn’t your business. Setting up a system in your office by which sales can happen easily—that’s your responsibility.

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